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Primary School.

So, one of my friends from primary school, uploaded our Year Six class photo last night on facebook. It has been the biggest bitch fest for all who were tagged in it and it amazes me how much we have all changed.

We graduated year six in 2003, that was only eight years ago and yet every single person in that photo has been through so much.

Some I can’t remember, some have moved and are making something of themselves, while I’m still living at home, working a shitty job, with no savings -.-

Being such a close knit year, most of the people who are in the photo are still the closest of friends. I love the fact that over half of the people in the photo I still socialise with.

Although, they may not want to socialise with me for much longer aaaas I may….accidently, upload some photos I happened to stumble across from a year six camp we went on for Peer Support….just saying guys…don’t hate me(:

Hopefully we can all get together in a few years time and catch up and reminisce on all the good and bad things that have gone on in the past and what is currently going on in our present lives.

Posted on June/29/2011
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